I'm an artist at heart reflecting back to you the vision I see in your soul.

I have discovered over time that I possess a certain spiritual genius to help people remember their Soul Blueprint.

Your Soul Blueprint is a road map of your life purpose and acts as your True North Star.

It is a hologram that holds: your soul gifts, past life experiences and cellular memories, your true heart desires of what you authentically wanted to experience this lifetime, karmic life issues that you would need to resolve and the connection to your innate resources and creative brilliance that comprises the quintessential essence of you!

It is the Sacred Blueprint of your Divine Plan.

From my near death experience I knew I had been given the gift of sight to help others Ignite their Soul Blueprint and consciously connect to their Tribe of Light.

That’s been my soul mission ever since.

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Are you a new visitor wondering where to start? Here’s what I suggest…

My signature work is the Soul Blueprint Intensive and is specifically tailored to you and to making truly transformational change. It’s a personalized intensive where I help you connect the dots between the life you’re living now and the life you want to be living. Start here if you are ready to make powerfully transformative change in your life.

The Master’s Mentorship is my monthly program offering ongoing and expansive support and education to help you learn to access and use your soul gifts wisely. Join this program for monthly, yet affordable, spiritual support.

About three times a year I offer Soul Quests. My Quests move and release such a powerful charge of energy that they will change your life forever with a quantum leap. Attendance is limited and spaces fill quickly.

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