When you know your Soul Blueprint you’ll have answers to the three most important questions you’ll ever ask yourself:

Who Am I? Where do I belong? What is my purpose?

Knowing your Soul Blueprint helps you to figure out your life in a way that works best for you, on your own terms.

Get to the core of your Soul Blueprint with a Personal Reading.

This power-packed channeled experience will astound you at the accuracy you’re given about the core fundamentals of your life purpose and soul path.

You’ll walk away feeling genuinely seen, heard and appreciated for the gift you truly are in the Universe.

You will also gain tremendous clarity, insight and recognition as you are awakened to the loving, wise, power of your Truest Self.

I’ve introduced 1,000’s of spiritual seekers to their Soul Blueprint so that they know their soul attributes, soul gifts, and soul path. When they do, they begin living the highest vision of themselves and awaken to their purest potential.

I’d love to have a chance to help you as well.

What we cover in the Soul Blueprint Personal Reading:

✨ The foundations of accessing your intuition
✨ The Sacred Archetype of your Higher Self
✨ Who your Tribe of Light is and how to communicate with it
✨ We’ll identify and transmute your karmic life patterns into your dharma (success)
✨ You’ll learn your personal formula for manifesting
✨ You’ll ignite and understand your own Soul Blueprint
✨ You’ll engage your intuition, emotional intelligence, and life skills
✨ You’ll learn your personal code of honor and how to use it

The Soul Blueprint Personal Reading will open up a new universe of infinite possibilities to manifest the best version of YOU!

Your Soul Blueprint Personal Reading: How it works

👉🏽 Your personal reading is done over 2 sessions because we cover so much information and it gives you time to integrate the energy

👉🏽 Plan to be in a quiet place 

👉🏽 Sessions are done by phone and recorded

$400 USD / includes 2 calls

Adrienne is the most powerful spiritual teacher I have ever worked with. I recommend Adrienne to all my friends on a spiritual path.

Corrine C. Boston, Massachusetts.

When I work with Adrienne, no matter how daunting my personal challenges may be, there is a moment where I meet my true presence and know all is well. This meeting is no small miracle – it’s where the truth of who I am washes over the illusions that are my fears. I meet myself as true power, true wisdom, and true love.

Ross A. Austin, Texas

Simply put, Adrienne knows energy and moves energy. Clarity, clarity, clarity – this is what I always get from my conversations with Adrienne.

Her connection to Source is beautiful, and I am honored to be blessed by her love!

I love her light, she is very special!

Trevor T. New York, New York

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