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Hello, I’m Adrienne.
Spiritual teacher and intuitive messenger.

I founded My Wild Magic to create an experiential learning community of people committed to finding their own wild magic so they can walk this world with hearts on fire.

My Wild Magic exists to help people just like you to access unconditional self-love, discover your life purpose, connect you with the limitless support to walk that out and empower you so that you can live a life on fire making an impact on the world you live in!

So much more is possible for you! We will show you how to have it.

You have a higher purpose, a creative expression, and soul attributes — these are unique gifts of light only you can bring forth into this world.

Through years of discipline and learning, I’ve developed a signature process to help you discover your Soul Blueprint.

The easiest way to begin is to connect with your greatest resource, your Tribe of Light.

Your personal Tribe of Light is always watching over you – from lifetime to lifetime. When you connect with them they begin opening doorways of golden opportunity and they help you live your purpose.

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My goal is to help you discover your innate brilliance, so you shine brightly in the world.

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If you are new to my work or new to work with the Spiritual Hierarchy, begin with these.

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When we work together, I navigate through the terrain of your soul’s deepest truth to help you unravel any life issue you want resolved whether it’s from your past, present or future.

Hearts on Fire Meditation Program

In Hearts on Fire: Monthly spiritual awakening meditation program you’ll join my quantum prayer field for ongoing monthly support designed to connect you to your own life mastery and to live in a more expanded consciousness through connection with your Tribe of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Soul Blueprint Reading

When you know your Soul Blueprint you’ll have answers to the three most important questions you’ll ever ask yourself:
Who Am I? Where do I belong? What is my purpose?

For more experienced spiritual seekers

For when you are prepared to make a greater commitment and have the energy show up to back you.

Soul Blueprint Intensive

The Soul Blueprint Intensive is the result of my life’s work.

Over the 12 months we work together, I’ll personally share with you – and teach you to work with – the 6 elements that make up your Soul Blueprint. And we will expand your awareness of your spiritual strengths, inner power, higher creativity, and unique soul genius.

You’ll learn to be the architect of your own future and manifest your dreams, desires and goals.

Virtual Soul Quest

In June and December I offer a 7 day quest and in September I guide a 21 Day Virtual Soul Quest. All soul quests are designed to create a quickening in your soul’s evolution to manifest the highest vision of your life. This will transform your life and speed the awakening of your souls’ evolution.

Each soul quest is unique to you. It’s a personal experience that’s energetically tailored to your unique soul journey to serve your highest state of grace and well-being.

Annual Mentorship

I work with a limited number of people on a year long basis. I do not advertise or promote this openly and often have a waiting list. The Mentorship includes one personal session per month and inclusion in Hearts on Fire.

February 2022: I do not have any openings at this time. To join the waitlist, please schedule a single session to begin. In the meantime, I encourage you to join Hearts on Fire.


I was given a choice to live or die on a rainy January day in Atlanta.

I had been drifting...

My father had died suddenly 6 months before and my family as I knew it – complicated as it was – was just gone.

I found myself out of step with the rest of the world as it continued on unchanged.

Like a lot of 15 year olds, I felt the primal pull of independence. I was ready to figure out who I was without my parents. But I had expected them to stay safely tucked away – where I could access them on my terms.

My family would never be the safe touchstone I needed.

That rainy day was one full of promise...

I was waiting for my moment. I was planning to declare my love to the girl who had come to mean everything to me.

The love I felt for her had not only connected my heart to hers, but it had also created a delicate connection between me and my higher self. We brought out the best in each other and I wanted her to know how much that meant to me.

I picked her up and after getting something to eat and we left the restaurant to run some errands for my mom.

Someone was veering into my lane and in trying to avoid getting hit I swerved my little, red mustang, but instead of having a near miss, we hydroplaned.

I was drifting again...and the danger was immediate.

I braced myself for us to hit the bank on my side of the road but we slid a little bit farther than that and we hit a telephone pole – crushing my side of the car and totalling it.

I slammed my head on the side of the car as we crashed.

I wasn’t conscious.

I was just gone.

I don’t know how long I was gone – probably just minutes. I didn’t see the white light and the angels in the way that everyone else describes it. But I knew I was with beings that felt truly angelic to me.

I also knew that I was being given an opportunity to leave.

I could leave and escape the pain and uncertainty of this life.

I had no hesitation.

All I could think about was getting back to the person I loved and was so connected to. I needed to make sure that she was okay.

Love is all there is.

All at once I rushed back into my body and woke up.

I crawled through the broken glass out the window and one look told me it was bad.

So very bad. I ran to call an ambulance.

I finally got back into the car with her. Her body was limp and everything was broken glass, crushed metal, and pain.

I tried to get her out but she was stuck.

I lifted her gently so she was sitting up. I just held her and apologized over and over and over, telling her how much I loved her. I begged her to stay. Just stay.

Her eyes finally opened.

She couldn’t talk but she looked at me with a face full of love and compassion. .

I was still looking into her eyes when I lost her.

I watched her eyes dilate and it was like going into a tunnel of light with her.


We all have a purpose here.

Mentors were put in my path immediately. Learning Reiki was a huge turning point for me. It was as if a switch had been turned on and I could suddenly access what had been downloaded into me during my near death experience.

By 20, I was taking clients, doing readings, and helping people to find their purpose and change their lives. I’ve worked with people all over the world, within every religion, and in every social class.

There is something remarkable that happens when you get honest with yourself about yourself. It happens for everyone I work with – starting with myself. I found peace, happiness, and connection, and the first steps of my calling – my soul’s purpose.

Everything that made life hard faded. Finding out the truth about myself meant that life was suddenly new and so unbelievably full of joy and meaning.

I found connection to mentors and seekers – people just like me!

I found connection in my gift of helping people all over the world!

I found connection to my own higher self!

I found out my purpose was to help other people in their journeys for truth!

I found purpose in the rigorous discipline of transforming into my higher self!


That’s right – all caps. My body and soul will shout that forever. I’m still learning the delight of giving myself over to it so trust me, you want to start learning how as quickly as possible.

Our time is over quicker than we think.

In those moments, my life was profoundly changed – and I had no idea just how much. In the wake of losing my friend, I did what so many of us do. I wrapped myself in a cloak of grief.

I lost any sense of connection or purpose along with the love I felt.

I convinced myself that pain and injustice were the great lessons that my life had to offer me.

And so for about 6 months…I quit life. I quit everything that would distract me from being furious.

At my parents.

At my understanding of God.

And definitely at myself.

While I spent that 6 months sleeping and avoiding my outer life, my mind, heart, and soul were working on coming to terms with the truths that I had been shown before I willed myself back into life as I knew it. Half a year later, I had boiled it all down to a thing of simplicity. Something I could handle.

The soul is the only thing that doesn’t lie.

I would listen to the soul.

Armed with that foothold, I quit school, left home and began a life of training.

All I knew at that point was that I wanted to help other young people to find their life path and get back on track. I had been lost and found my way and I wanted to give back. I had taken a life and wanted to help someone else get their life back.

That was my starting place.

I knew I would be a healer but I didn’t know that it was just the first step to finding what I would later come to call My Wild Magic.

I was given a choice to stay or leave…

I was given a choice to stay or leave – to live or die – on a rainy January day in Atlanta. I chose to stay and received the most incredible gift of my life in the form of helping people to tap into their highest selves and live a life of deep understanding and meaning.

When I chose to stay, I brought back three simple truths.

  • Love is all there is. 
  • Our time is over quicker than we think.
  • We all have a purpose here.

For a while, I tried desperately to lock those thoughts in a box and kick them away but truth can’t be overlooked forever.

If you’re reading this now, you’re being offered a choice too. 

To continue living a life where you feel scared, unsupported, alone, and confused. 

Or to connect with us and learn. Learn how to love yourself unconditionally and how to find your soul’s purpose here on Earth.

I hope that you also choose to stay so you that you can find your own wild magic.

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A near death experience at 15 left Adrienne with a keen ability to see past our human forms and see the truth of our souls. She has dedicated her life to a life of spiritual growth and discipline while using her abilities to help people.

Through years of discipline, she has developed a signature process which she uses to help people to discover their soul purpose, awaken their higher selves, and find their tribes of light who offer unlimited wells of love and support for us.

Adrienne has written 4 books, been on radio shows like Howard Stern, seen on CNN Headline News, and was featured in the recent movie “Break Through.” Her latest book, My Wild Magic: Walk This World With Hearts On Fire is due out later in 2019.

Reach out to Adrienne’s team about interviews, guest appearances, and speaking engagements here.

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