The essence of who you are is always wanting to be fulfilled.

It’s all contained within your soul blueprint.

Are you ready to live it?

A Soul Blueprint is the design of your divine plan and life purpose that you came into this world to experience.

Most people don’t remember they have a Soul Blueprint. They just want to survive day to day paying bills, getting by and dealing with the chaos of life. They struggle to find meaning, joy and fulfillment in their life.

Your Soul Blueprint acts as your True north star, pointing you towards all you can achieve for your highest good in this lifetime.

When you know the key elements of your Soul Blueprint you know…

  • Your soul gifts 
  • Past life experiences and cellular memories
  • Your true heart desires of what you authentically choose to experience this lifetime
  • Karmic life issues for you to resolve
  • The connection to your innate resources and the creative brilliance that comprises the essence of you

 All of this and more is what I offer in my Soul Blueprint Intensive.


    The Soul Blueprint Intensive is the result of my life’s work. And will transform your life deeply and profoundly.

    The Soul Blueprint Intensive is transformational personalized one-on-one support, tailored uniquely to expand your divine potential.

    The Soul Blueprint Intensive is an unparalleled experience that ignites your fullest potential.

    This cutting-edge soul work is customized specifically for each unique soul. It’s designed to awaken your ultimate success to live your truest, best life.

    We’ll be working directly with your higher self and the spiritual hierarchy to access the perfected vision of your Soul’s Blueprint.

    When you were born, your soul was already imprinted with your own unique divine blueprint. This blueprint is held in your DNA and can be activated by igniting 6 simple truths.

    Your soul blueprint not only holds the key to your life purpose, but also reveals answers to all your questions about love, money, health, family and service.

    You’ll connect the dots between the life you’re living now and the life you want to live.

    Over the months we work together, I’ll personally share with you – and teach you to work with – the 6 elements that make up your Soul Blueprint. And we will expand your awareness of your spiritual strengths, inner power, higher creativity, and unique soul genius.

    You’ll learn to be the architect of your own future and manifest your dreams, desires and goals.

    You can live a life of higher meaning, abundance, freedom and purpose right now.

    I’ll show you the simple truth of your own innate brilliance.

    You can’t help but be successful once you have this knowledge. It’s the law of the universe!


    The Soul Blueprint Intensive has been one of the most empowering, deep-dive experiences of my entire life….and one of the greatest gifts I have ever given to my Self.

    Dropping in with Adrienne on a regular basis, for an entire year, was such an enormous blessing: allowing me the opportunity to take regular trips into the Oasis of my Soul~ to my Source.

    In my experience, journeying this deeply within the Inner Levels is most available when I have a true spiritual anchor/guide to hold space and help navigate. For this work, it must be someone I feel absolutely safe and aligned with on all levels.

    Adrienne’s profound inner strength and spiritual integrity called me to working with her….and I am so grateful for all that took place. So much so that I did a second year.

    Thank you, Adrienne, for all that you give and all that you teach~ in such a profoundly beautiful, strong, and compassionate way. 

    John Michael, California, USA

    During the Soul Blueprint Intensive, you can expect to:

    • Awaken your intuition
    • Learn the language of the soul
    • Discover your soul genius and supernatural powers
    • Access your power flames and soul attributes
    • Claim the sacred archetype of your higher self and cellular memories of past lives
    • Connect with the support and resources of your personal Tribe of Light
    • Transform your karma to dharma (life purpose)
    • Learn a meditation style that works for you and methods of communication with your own guidance system
    • Experience quantum healing modalities that quicken your deep healing and remove projections from your unconscious
    • You choose any project or goal you want to create in your life as we work to together to have a tangible result

    Benefits of Your Soul Blueprint

    • Live your life on purpose
    • Be in sync with universal flow
    • Living life on your own terms
    • Make wise, loving and empowered choices that serve you and others in the highest and best possible way 

    Your Soul Blueprint Includes:

    • A personalized soul map of your Soul Blueprint
    • 3 sessions a month
    • Unlimited personal email or text support throughout the month
    • A membership in Hearts on Fire Meditation Program
    • 24/7 support in the quantum prayer field with the 7 Tribes of Light, which automatically raises your vibrational resonance and works with you on the inner levels to fulfill your true life purpose

    Investment: $1,000/mo with a minimum 4 month commitment

    New to my work, interested in the Soul Blueprint Intensive but aren't quite sure...


    You may want to begin with a Soul Blueprint Reading.


    About your spiritual teacher, Adrienne Cobb

    A near death experience pulled back the veil and allowed me to see our higher selves and all of the many obstacles that we put in the way as protections against our pain.

    I dedicated my life to learning and growing in this discipline. I help people to live their soul’s purpose, meet their Tribes of Light that hold unlimited wells of love and support, and connect with their higher selves. I help people find their own wild magic and live their lives with hearts on fire.

    For the Soul Blueprint Intensive I draw on all that I’ve learned through over 30 years of study, my personal work and evolution with the spiritual hierarchy, and my one-on-one work with thousands of people – and I use it to support you to open your heart and live your best possible life!

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