On today’s episode of Live, Unplugged & Defying Gravity I’m interviewing Shamanic Healer Phyllis Russo. She is an extraordinary lightworker bringing healing to us on multidimensional levels of consciousness. Phyllis has a genius ability to traverse the issues that need healing not only from scientific human body wisdom but also to a much broader esoteric multiverse healing.

She will be talking with us today about the deeper essence of healing our body, heart and soul through quantum vibrational resonance. Phyllis is a super unique star being who operates at a genius level. She has a dr. of chiropractics, certified applied kinesiologist, licensed acupuncture, certified functional endocrinology, certified transpersonal counselor and Shamanic Practitioner. With such a plethora of wisdom and modalities, she pulls it all together with working with people with an advanced frequency vibration technology called the Healy. Tune in to experience Phyllis Defying gravity!

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