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Be guided through an amazing journey to learn about your unique soul attributes and your personal power

Igniting Your Soul Blueprint DNA and Working with Your Tribes of Light Course


A 6-week audio teaching and meditation course with handouts


If you feel ready to align yourself with the element of Grace and the New Earth Frequencies, Igniting Your Soul Blueprint DNA and Tribes of Light Course offers you a grounded, authentic path to follow. 

You will open your life up to meet your True Self and discover the many talents, gifts, and higher purpose you’ve come into this life to enjoy fully.

The Course includes 6 audio meditation modules with handouts on:

  • Trusting Your Intuition
  • Meet Your Tribe of Light
  • Working with Your Power Flame
  • Merge with Your Sacred Archetype
  • Healing Your Karmic Life Issues
  • Your Dharma Life Path

This course isn’t about me teaching you about you, it’s about you discovering yourself and living life on your own terms! 

Infinite Blessings! I’m happy to meet the truest part of YOU. 

The content is not intended to provide individual readings, or to identify, treat or heal personal mental, emotional, physical or spiritual issues. All information represents the personal opinion of Adrienne Cobb and should only be used for educational and entertainment purposes.