Tribes of Light: A Roadmap to Manifesting Miracles in Your Life

Did you know you have your very own personal Tribes of Light, guiding you in the best life path for you at all times?

They are your greatest support system and love you unconditionally. They were with you when you were born, and will be there with you when you leave this world. They are always with you in this lifetime and other lifetimes helping you to manifest whatever you desire. 

There are seven Tribes of Light. Although you can work with more than one, you have a primary Tribe of Light that is considered your Council or Family of Light. They are here to help you fulfill your Soul Blueprint- the life purpose you came to this world to manifest as a living blessing to all of life. 

Do you belong with the Cosmic Avatars, Galactic Councils, Planetary Light Beings, Star Tribes, Angelic Host, Ascended Masters, or Nature Kingdom?

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And read this book to find out how to communicate directly with your personal Tribes of Light.

Ask them- “What would it take to manifest a life that is even better than I could have imagined possible?” and let them show up with a miracle in your life!

About the author:

At the age of 15, Adrienne Cobb had a Near Death Experience from a car accident which fully awakened her intuition and ignited her Soul Blueprint. She was touched by The Great Central Sun Angels which changed her life forever.

By the age of 20 she was channeling these Angels and connecting people to their own Tribe of Light and Soul Blueprint. Adrienne has done thousands of readings for people internationally. She has written several books and has been interviewed on multiple venues for her intuitive healing abilities.

She lives in Portland, OR. If you’d like to find out more about your Tribes of Light and Soul Blueprint you can schedule a reading here.

I received the Tribes of Light book last week and have been reading it slowly, practicing the meditations and reflecting on its messages. I am beyond words as to what a difference there is already in my outlook on life – and I’m only about a third of the way through the book! Your saying “in the field of unconditional love and infinite wisdom where all things are possible” resonates in me so differently now. All things really ARE possible, aren’t they?


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